Distillate 101

When it comes to the world of CBD and its by-products, it can be a little difficult to know which product is the best for you and your needs. When you are looking for a product that has high potency and is going to help aid in reducing any kind of pain you are experiencing then CBD distillate is what you are going to want to consider. The process of distillation is essentially the cannabinoids being distilled from the plant matter. Through this technique, the concentrated matter is pure down to its molecular level.

The reason that CBD distillate production is better than any other extraction process is because it is 100% pure, all other concentrates have some sort of residue left over whether it is alcohol, solvent or the plant matter itself, those options are not a pure 99% CBD concentrate, but usually come up to 80%. Heat is used to vaporize cannabinoids, after which the vapor is collected and cooled down in the distillation cooling system. It’s in this process that the residue from the plant matter is being expelled and you are left with pure CBD distillate in liquid form. Some people get stumped when it comes time to use the CBD distillate, some options that you can look into include

Edibles: This is the most common way of using distillate, there are so many recipes from hash brown patties, cocktails, simple snacks and even cannamilk with traces of CBD distillate that you can consume.

Pharmaceuticals: You can buy oils, capsules, and pills that are already taking the market by storm and use a CBD base, and this is only the start.

Topicals/Cosmetics: Topicals are relatively new to the market but are gaining popularity due to their practicality. A topical with high concentrations of CBD can be applied to the skin as a skin treatment and also as a healing product that will be absorbed through the skin, into your bloodstream soon after and will affect your health the way you want it to.

Whatever your preference is when it comes to CBD make sure that it’s right for you and your needs. If you are suffering from more of a joint or muscle pain, the topicals might be just what you're looking for in aiding some relief. Before you dive into the CBD world, however, make sure you talk to your health care professional before you start introducing anything new into your routine.