2020: The year of Cannawine

Combining CBD with wine is becoming an increasingly popular practice across vineyards in America, Europe, and Canada. What is cannawine? Cannawine is a wine that is infused with CBD. This adult beverage tends to have a lower alcohol content than traditional wine and takes on some of the flavors from the hemp plant to make it. The idea is a product that has the desired effectiveness at a lower level of alcohol consumption.

The wine market is vast and the first cannabis wines that were produced in the past couple of years focused on infusion-based practices. An infusion is made when you submerge the base plants fully into the wine. Emulsions, by contrast, are oil-based, water-soluble solutions that are created to be easily incorporated into other liquids. While infusions extract different terpenes which results in an earthy, woodsy flavor, new extraction and infusion technologies, have made possible to sift out those unwanted flavors to produce a product without aroma or color. 

The results that are felt by the consumer depends on the individual’s endocannabinoid system - the cannabinoid receptor system that is already in the body. Depending on how the body metabolizes CBD, it could take up to a full hour before you start to feel any results. When ingesting wine, it is absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and again in the stomach lining. Ideally, a single glass of canna wine will offer instant relaxation while consuming low amounts of alcohol. Keep in mind that you won’t experience psychoactive effects because the hemp plant has no psychoactive properties.

State regulations vary when it comes to the legality of many CBD infused products because CBD derived from hemp is legal at the Federal level. CBD derived from marijuana, however, is not legal Federally and only available in states where they’ve legalized cannabis. Depending on what state you’re consuming your end product, it will often change the source plant that is used.

These innovations with wine have also encouraged several beer companies to become more innovative in the emerging beverage infusion market. Some have created new formulations by incorporating CBD with beer, water, and seltzers. As CBD continues to enter new spaces going into the new year, consumers will have multiple options when it comes to how they choose to enjoy their plant-based cannabidiol compounds.